The Best Orbital Sander Makes a Smooth Gift

As the holidays approach, one can wonder what to get for the type of person who is into DIY tools. Having a hands-on approach to things helps with the right tools and the problem-solving mind of a DIY tool enthusiast would love, among many other things, an orbital sander. It may not appear like a gift that comes to mind first (as opposed to entertainment consumer electronics), but having the right tools for the right jobs that are done quite often can be a gift in and of itself.

best orbital sander

Although to some sanding wood may not appear like the most fun activity, it certainly pays off when the job is done. For those who have an eye towards finishing their woodworking projects with the perfect smoothness, the best orbital sander can be found. After all, no woodworking project can be done without proper sanding.

Among the choices in sanders are the electric type as they are the quickest and easiest to use when finishing off a smooth wooden object. These tools can come in varying types and sizes, such as belt sanders, orbital finishing sanders, and the random style orbit sanders. Each one is portable and more than capable of smoothing over any surface. One thing to keep in mind is to wear a dust mask and safety glasses to protect from the dust being shot up during the sanding process. Some of the bigger electric sanders have a dust bag to collect the dust, but a mask and glasses mustn’t be overlooked when deciding to get an orbital sander as a gift. After all, sawdust in the nose, mouth or eyes is no fun experience.

When deciding on what kind to get, think of where and on what kind of surface the sander will most likely be used. For small jobs, a cheap sander would be more advisable since it probably won’t be used that often. The type of surfaces that will most often be worked on should also be considered. One type of sander is best for plaster walls for example, while a bigger, more expensive sander would be more useful for heavy wooden surfaces like floors and large tables.

Orbital sanders are rather simple tools when it comes to their purpose. With the wide selection of sanders available, other things to consider are how it grips – the feeling on your hands. Power consumption, speed, and durability are other factors to consider when purchasing the right sander. Seeing how easy it is to clean and use again, how effectively it collects the sawdust (if it has that feature) and ease of repair should something go wrong are also important factors to research when deciding on the right sander to get as a gift.

Although one can find these at big chain hardware stores, there are also websites where one can find the best orbital sander. Various opinions and reviews can be found online, where actual users share their informed experiences after finishing their own projects.